Alexandra Ramires & Laura Gonçalves

Short Film . In Production

ANI.DOC . 12'

Portugal . France


With the sea and the urban Algarve as a background, we follow a com-plete cycle of the life of the goose barnacle, from their formation, to the dish of the appreciator. In this journey we cross different contexts and discover various realities that allow us to better understand this region and those who live there, sporadically or permanently, vacationers or fishermen, autochthonous tourists.
The umbilical relationship with the sea, the drama of seasonality and dependence on tourism are some of the themes that will emerge.


ANIMATION TECHNIQUES 2D digital drawing animation, Aquarella painting, Digital painting


DIRECTION Alexandra Ramires, Laura Gonçalves

SCRIPT Alexandra Ramires, Laura Gonçalves e Regina Guimarães

VISUAL DEVELOPMENT Alexandra Ramires, Laura Gonçalves